[News] Melodic Revolution Records presents the MRRadio programs

MRRADIO aka Melodic Revolution Radio has returned to the airwaves after a one-year hiatus, not only are we are back… but we are back better than ever, with a whole new look + six all-new stations.

This could not have happened without our newfound partnership with California-based 113 FM, listed as one of the top 15 internet radio stations in the world boasting more than sixty stations themselves.

1. Prog Spectrum
Art Rock & Progressive Rock

Genre Free Radio – Rock, Pop, Blues, Americana, Jazz, Southern Rock, Country + More

3. Legends of Country
Classic Country, Americana, Legends of Country Southern Rock, Country Hits4. WMRR LIVE! 
Best Genre Free Live Music ever recorded.

5. Power and Glory
Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Metal.

Your empire for symphonic, progressive, and power metal.

Listen to links via MRRADIO or 113 FM

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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