[News] Mother’s Cake release new video “I’m Your President”

The Austrians Psychedelic Rockers Mother’s Cake released the official animated video for the track “I’m Your President,” watch the video below:

Mother’s Cake Official Press Release:

Our new video is online!    
I´m your President!

Ready for action, you wanna re-election?
another 4 years of parody, comedy, tragedy?

You know the cast, you know the story – but now we deliver the perfect soundtrack for it!

I´m your President!

We want fan participation, so leave us your comment, give us your thumps.We know you want it cheesy an´ cheap – yeah you guess it

I’m Your President” is… written, arranged and performed by Mother’s Cake, lyrics by Donald Trump.

Produced by Raphael Neikes, Manuel Renner and Yves Krismer (https://www.moonwalkerproductions.com ; https://ueberlaerm.com)

Recorded by Raphael Neikes und Manuel Renner at Sevenarts Studios and Überlärm Studios (https://ueberlaerm.com ; https://sevenarts-studios.de)

Mixed and mastered by Raphael Neikes and Manuel Renner at Überlärm Studios released by Membran/The Orchard (https://www.membran.net/)

Mother’s Cake |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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