[News] New “Tubular Bells” documentary to be released

A brand new documentary about Mike Oldfield‘s seminal 1973 album “Tubular Bells” and the early days of Virgin Records, the label that released it, is to be released through Tigermoth Records on December 14, 2020.

The new film boasts over 4 hours of new interviews with some of the key people who were there shaping the evolution of the fledgling empire, the documentary is based on new interviews and archive photos.

From The Manor Born is centred around in-depth interviews with Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth and Philip Newell the original producers of Tubular Bells, the documentary also features the head of Virgin Records, Simon Draper and musicians such as Steve Hillage, Jon Field, Steve Broughton and Terry Oldfield. It tells the story of the people that made the album that launched the Virgin empire.

The documentary will also feature a brand new recording of Tubular Bells with over 35 musicians, many of whom played with Mike Oldfield including Rick Fenn, Phil Spalding, Alasdair Malloy, Steve Hillage, Jay StapleyLes Penning and Jon Field. The music which is based on the original 1973 version will be released as a double CD accompanying the documentary. Tom Newman has mixed the album, alongside the accompanying album where each track has been mixed by the contributing artists.

Robert Reed, who has musically directed the album says; “Some of the music on the original album is untouchable, but this album recreates the atmosphere and vibe with some interesting little twists.

It was a huge but incredibly worthwhile effort to mobilise and coordinate so many musicians to re-record the iconic album and it complements the visuals in the documentary,” adds Paul Harris.

From The Manor Born will be released as a double DVD and double CD and there will be some special editions including a numbered limited edition of the double DVD, double CD in a special stickered and numbered metal box including Tom Newman’s mix notes and 6 archive photo cards. The first 100 copies are signed by Tom Newman.

Pre-order From The Manor Born: https://www.tigermothshop.co.uk/store/TB-c65002104

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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