[News] Pale Wizard Records release a tribute to Alice Cooper’s “Killer” with “Killer: 50 Years Later”

Pale Wizard Records pays a tribute to Alice Cooper’s classic album “Killer” with “Killer: 50 Years Later” out on November 27, 2021, exactly 50 years after it’s original release.

Highlights include Green Lung tackling “Under My Wheels,” The Grand Mal recreating “Be My Lover,” Sergeant Thunderhoof’s daring take on “Halo Of Flies” and Pale Wizard favourites Mos Generator with “Dead Babies.”

Killer: 50 Years Later” is the first release in a recently launched “50 Years Later” series.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://palewizardrecords.bandcamp.com/album/killer-50-years-later

01. Green Lung – Under My Wheels
02. The Grand Mal – Be My Lover
03. Sergeant Thunderhoof – Halo Of Flies
04. Ritual King – Desperado
05. 1968 – You Drive Me Nervous
06. Trippy Wicked – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
07. Mos Generator – Dead Babies
08. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Killer
09. Alunah – I’m Eighteen (Bonus Track)
10. Suns Of Thunder – Billion Dollar Babies (Bonus Track)
11. Possessor – Muscle Of Love (Bonus Track)
12. Sound Of Origin – Sick Things (Bonus Track)

Alice Cooper’s 4th album “Killer” was released on November 27, 1971 and has gone on to become one of the most loved albums in the whole discography. Exactly 50 Years Later, Pale Wizard Records brings you an exciting lineup featuring some of the most renowned bands in the underground scene today paying homage to “Killer” in their own contemporary styles.

Not just any tribute record, “50 Years Later” artists are handpicked by the staff at Pale Wizard Records to get the utmost out of each classic track. The 8 original songs are brought to life here by 8 of the absolute best the modern Hard Rock, Stoner and Psych underground has to offer.

watch the official video preview of the album from the YouTube player below:

Lead single for this release is The Grand Mal tackling “Be My Lover,” where they have managed to retain the rebellious swagger and swing of the original whilst injecting their own unique charisma. Other highlights include Green Lung tackling »Under My Wheels«, Sergeant Thunderhoof’s daring take on »Halo Of Flies« and Pale Wizard favourites Mos Generator with »Dead Babies«.

Watch the official video for the single through the Youtube player below:

Killer: 50 Years Later” is a potent mixture of the best of today’s bands and one stone cold classic album from years gone. It will be available on digital alongside CD and 12″ vinyl variants through Pale Wizard Records from November 27, 2021. Additionally, the CD and digital versions come packed with four additional bonus tracks from the likes of Alunah, Suns Of Thunder, Possessor and Sound Of Origin.

Alice CooperKiller: 50 Years Later” is released November 27, 2021 and available now on CD, Vinyl and all major streaming platforms.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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