[News] Patriarchs In Black published the official lyric video for “Dead or Dying” feat. Karl Agell

MDD Records will release “My Veneration,” the new album by Stoner/Doom/Rock band Patriarchs In Black, on October 06, 2023. The duo, consisting of ‘Riff God’ Dan Lorenzo (Hades, Non-Fiction) and Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Quiet Riot), will be supported by a large line-up of guests. The full list, which you can read below, encompasses the cream of the Rock, Alternative and Metal scene. With “Dead Or Dying” you can get a taste of what awaits you on the disc, with the great Karl Agell (Corrosion of Conformity, Blind) on vocals. All available for you on the label’s YouTube channel! Watch the video below:

Dan Lorenzo said about the track: “I played Dead and Dying to a couple of friends after Karl finished it and they all said; ‘Karl sings better than ever.’ I agree. Karl toured with Legions of Doom and Lie Heavy and I think that, instead of damaging his voice, made him stronger. I wrote the music for the song, but Karl wrote all the lyrics and the melody.

MDD: https://mdd-records.de/pib
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3KjhGDT

01. Dead Or Dying
02. Show Them Your Power
03. Lust For Lies
04. Veneration
05. Non Defectum
06. My Veneration
07. Dead And Gone
08. Crooked Smile
09. Heaven Burn
10. Hallowed Be Her Name
11. Digital Lies
12. I Stole Your Love
13. Hole In The Sky

Dan Lorenzo
 / Guitars
Johnny Kelly / Drums

Karl Agell
 / Vocals
John Kosco / Vocals
Mark Sunshine / Vocals
Rob Traynor / Vocals
DMC / Vocals
Gianni Pontillo / Vocals
Kelly Abe / Vocals
Bobby Jensen / Vocals
Ronny Araya / Bass
Eric J. Morgan / Bass
Anthony Vitti / Bass
Dave Neabore / Bass
John “JD” DeServio / Bass
Emma Smoler / Violin
Jonathan Eng / Violin
Paul Walter / Keys
Scott Mueller / Organ
Eddie Heedles / Guitar Solo
Danny Kelly / Guitar Solo
Jerry Babcock / Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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