[News] Porcupine Tree to release 4xLP vinyl boxset for “Octane Twisted”

UK Prog Rockers Porcupine Tree have announced they will release a new 4xLP set for “Octane Twisted.” It’s the first time the 2012 live album will have been released on vinyl. The new boxset will be released through Transmission Records on April 16, 2021.

Octane Twisted really captures the atmosphere and energy of a Porcupine Tree live concert experience,” says drummer Gavin Harrison. “Recorded at a time when the band had the set well ‘played in’, you can hear the interaction between the band members as well as the audience as they navigate their way through The Incident and many other older songs too.” 

Recorded in Chicago on the band’s tour for the band’s 2009 album “The Incident,” the band’s first Top 30 album. “Octane Twisted” features “The Incident” album in its entirety, recorded in Chicago. The end of the album contains another five classic Porcupine Tree tracks also recorded in Chicago along with three highlights from the band’s landmark show at Royal Albert Hall.

Originally released on 2CD+DVD in 2012, this release sees “Octane Twisted” on vinyl for the first time across 7 sides in a 4xLP boxset with a new etching from long term designer Carl Glover.


Side A

  1. Occam’s Razor [02:20]
  2. The Blind House [05:58]
  3. Great Expectations [01:26]
  4. Kneel And Disconnect [02:03]
  5. Drawing The Line [04:43]
  6. The Incident [05:20]
  7. Your Unpleasant Family [01:51]

Side B

  1. The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train [02:01]
  2. Time Flies [12:07]

Side C

  1. Degree Zero Of Liberty [01:45]
  2. Octane Twisted [05:03]
  3. The Seance [02:39]
  4. Circle Of Manias [02:34]
  5. I Drive The Hearse [06:49]

Side D

  1. Hatesong [09:57]
  2. Stars Die [05:57]

Side E

  1. Russia On Ice / The Pills I’m Taking [15:02]
  2. Bonnie The Cat [06:11]

Side F

  1. Even Less [14:28]

Side G

  1. Dislocated Day [07:05]
  2. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here [12:59]

Side H
Carl Glover Etching

Pre-order “Octane Twisted” through the Burning Shed Official Website: https://burningshed.com/store/porcupinetree

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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