[News] Powerwolf release the new album and share new official lyric video “Blood For Blood”

To celebrate the official release of “Call Of The Wild” full length album, Germans Powerwolf have published a brand new lyric video for one of the track “Blood For Blood.” Watch the video throughthe YouTube Player below:


  1. Faster than the Flame 04:08
  2. Beast of Gévaudan 03:31
  3. Dancing with the Dead 04:05
  4. Varcolac 03:52
  5. Alive or Undead 04:23
  6. Blood for Blood (Faoladh) 03:11
  7. Glaubenskraft 03:56
  8. Call of the Wild 03:39
  9. Sermon of Swords 03:18
  10. Undress to Confess 03:31
  11. Reverent of Rats 02:54


Charles Greywolf / Bass, Guitars
Matthew Greywolf / Guitars
Falk Maria Schlegel / Keyboards
Attila Dorn / Vocals
Roel van Helden / Drums

Purchase “Call Of The Wild” here: https://powerwolf.napalmrecords.com

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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