[News] ProgDay 2022 add last two bands to the lineup

ProgDay is a two-day annual outdoor festival of Progressive music featuring artists from all over the world. Some bands have come from as near as North Carolina, and others from as far as Sweden, Italy, Venezuela and Indonesia. ProgDay has been held every year since it’s birth in 1995, making it the longest running Progressive Rock event in the world.

The ProgDay organization is a grassroots collective of fans and volunteers who labor for the love of the music. They receive no compensation, yet every year they put in a tremendous amount of work to make ProgDay the best it can be.

Of particular importance are our day-of-event volunteers. The people that direct you to parking, take your ticket at the gate, empty the garbage, and do the scores of other things that keep ProgDay moving, are all volunteers. They’ve bought a ticket to the festival just like you, but they are donating part of their ProgDay experience to helping out.

Over the years ProgDay has hosted many memorable and important performances. ProgDay is responsible for the first American appearances of many bands from Progressive Rock’s “golden era” including Kraan (Germany), Samla Mammas Manna (Sweden), Arti é Mestieri (Italy), Shylock (France), Ain Soph (Japan), Trettioariga Kriget (Sweden) and Tempano (Venezuela), as well as US debuts by later bands like Beardfish (Sweden), Uzva (Finland), Naikaku (Japan), Accordo Dei Contrari (Italy), Panzerballett (Germany), Necromonkey (Sweden), Apocalypse (Brazil), Kotebel (Spain), Cabezas De Cera (Mexico), and many others. ProgDay presented the first major US appearance of the Muffins after their reunion in 1998. It was only their second time in the US when Pain Of Salvation and The Spacious Mind played ProgDay. ProgDay also has a tradition of showcasing outstanding current bands like Thank You Scientist (US), Consider The Source (US), INfiNieN (US), Sonar (Switzerland), Jack O’ The Clock (US), Marbin (Israel/USA), Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (US) and Bent Knee (US).

Mike Keneally (US)

Keneally is the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era.

Initially known as the “stunt guitarist” for Frank Zappa (following the likes of Adrian Belew and Steve Vai), KENEALLY has blazed a significant place for himself in the world of music with a series of recordings remarkable for both their musical scope and originality. In addition to Frank Zappa, he has also made a name for himself working with acclaimed artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Andy Partridge, Henry Kaiser, Mastodon, Devin Townsend, and others. Mike returns to the ProgDay stage this year for a special solo performance. – ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Jon Stickley Trio (US)

I hereby dub JST as post-modern Americana. JST’s concoction of acoustic jazz, folk, bluegrass, and more fits the typical Americana bill, but then shreds the standard playbook by adding themes of heavy metal, dubstep, dance, punk, and more to the fold.” – Jarod Gregory, Cincymusic.com

Jon Stickley Trio is a genre-defying and cinematic acoustic instrumental trio who’s deep grooves, innovative flatpicking and sultry / spacy violin moves the listener’s head, heart, and feet. “It’s not your father’s acoustic-guitar music. Instead, Stickley’s Martin churns out a mixture of bluegrass, Chuck Berry, metal, prog, grunge, and assorted other genres – all thoroughly integrated into a personal style.” – Guitar Player Magazine.

Aziola Cry (US)

Cheer-Accident (US)

• iNFiNiEN (US)

• Jon Stickley Trio (US)

• Mike Keneally (US)

• Lux Terminus (US)

• Nektar (UK)

• ShwizZ (US)

Purchase tickets here: http://www.progday.net/ProgDay-Tickets.html

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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