[News] Progressive Rock band Varjo-Orkesteri released a first single from the upcoming second album

Finnish Progressive Rock/Metal band Varjo-Orkesteri released a first single “Suunnistaja” from their upcoming second studio album which is set to be released on January 20th 2023 via Inverse Records

Watch “Suunnistaja” lyric video through the YouTube player below:

The Band comments the video and album:
“Suunnistaja” is the first single release from the upcoming Varjo-Orkesteri´s album “Seremonia”. The opening track of the album describes pretty well the musical and lyrical line of the album. 

“Suunnistaja” is a medium-tempo and melodic echo and a warm glow in the landscape of progressive rock. It´s catchy, but still weird enough to be different and feel new. When the compass needle spins like crazy deep in the dark wilderness, you can surrender to the spirits of the forest and the creatures of the underworld. Maybe you’ll get lost even more, or maybe you’ll find your roots!

Listen “Suunnistaja” single on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/varjo-orkesteri-suunnistaja

The Varjo-orkesteri is a Finnish-language group flavoured by Rock, Metal and Prog.
The band is the “ready-to-go” missile of the hot Karhula scene, which is always ready to kick the nation with freshest and thickest beats. The band sort of formed by accident when the Fog Light boys (Jarmo Pikka, Pasi Hakuli, Saku Hakuli) were planning to put together a new album based on almost complete instrumental demos. Coincidentally, possible vocal contributions (Markku Pihlaja) was discussed. At first as usual, lyrics were to be written in English. But led by something unconscious, the text began to emerge in finnish. This intuition was definitely worth following.

The album’s demos were therefore largely ready when singing melodies and text began to be written in the demos. At the same time, when the songs were demoed, tracks were already recorded for the album. Recording sessions were built according to the spirit of the times “remotely” so that each party recorded their share in their own studios.
By late autumn 2021, the recordings were ready. Mixing and mastering were agreed with their final form at the beginning of December. The end result surprised the whole band, the album (Prima Volta) became a really fresh-sounding revelation, not least for the native languge in the text.

The members of the Varjo-Orkesteri are quite familiar at least to the music people of the home area (South Kymenlaakso). The members have a background from bands such as
Omnium GatherumTotal DevastationManitouKaihoroReturn To VoidDemonic Death Judge etc.

Track list:

  1. Suunnistaja
  2. Palvojat
  3. Sinisiipi
  4. Viherkylki
  5. Käpälämäkeen
  6. llmestymätön
  7. Kiitäjä
  8. Yhden miehen keitos
  9. Kaavanmurtaja
  10. Sarastus
  11. Korpiveisu

Markku Pihlaja / Vocals
Saku Hakuli / Guitar
Pasi Hakuli / Bass
Jarmo Pikka / Drums

Backing vocals: Teemu Seppälä, Janne Ensola, Jussi Serengil

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Inverse Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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