[News] Pure Reason Revolution unveil the single “New Kind Of Evil” taken from fifth upcoming album

British Art Rockers Pure Reason Revolution have shared the intense new video for their nine-minute epic “New Kind Of Evil.” It’s the first track from their upcoming album “Above Cirrus” due out on May 6, 2022 via InsideOut Music and they’ll preview material from it on their upcoming tour with Gazpacho. watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

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Says guitarist Greg Jong: “When Jon first played me his initial version of New Kind of Evil, I was honestly astonished by the beautiful melding of the halftime shuffle beat with such a giant yet melodious guitar riff. Then the synth line and vocal melodies entered and elevated the emotion even further — it was a really cool moment, I hope people hearing it for the first time experience a similar feeling.

The group began working on the seven-track album in early 2020, around the time of the release of their comeback record “Eupnea.” “New Kind Of Evil” was the first song that Courtney wrote and, as he explains, its rollercoaster feel “mirror that uneasiness and surreal bewilderment” of the early stages of the pandemic.

Often my writing occupies itself with relationships: how we can be so tender/loving with each other in one instance, days later or even in a few flashes we’re tearing each other apart. The sublime and the savage/vicious. The music reflects this light and shade dynamic shift too.

Our world shrinks through lockdowns/restrictions and strain is intensified. However, the end message is one of optimism – affirmation we’ll get to the end of this surreal chapter and be stronger together. Through the turbulence, we’ll help each other through the darkness.”

Pure Reason Revolution formed in the early 2000s but split in 2011, a year after the release of their third album “Hammer & Anvil.” Courtney and vocalist/bassist/keyboard player Chloë Alper decided to reactivate the band in 2019 and performed at Midsummer Prog Festival that same year.

Says Alper of their upcoming release: “Since our reformation I feel that this band has embraced its identity and its place within the progressive rock genre with a force, confidence and grandeur that radiates through the work. This new record fills me with as much pride as it does head-to-toe tingles. I am excited for the music loving community to hear it and excited for the prospect of it growing our reach.”

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