[News] Qirsh publish the video teaser of the new album “Aspera Tempora”

The Qirsh‘s third album has been released. It is a Prog Rock ‘concept album’ on the theme of man’s fears: the fear of rumors, of loneliness, of heights, of pain, of gods’ judgment. Compared to the band’s first two albums “Aspera Tempora” sounds even less commercial and more ‘Progressive’, as far as the theme but also in the arrangement and length of the songs. The sound combines more classic elements (organ, strings, piano) with vocal effects and with Rock and Electronic elements, in a constantly evolving atmosphere.

Don’t fear hard times, the best comes from them”, the statement on the back of the cd (which comes out in the elegant ‘digipack’ format) describes the meaning of the album: the moments of fear are difficult ones, on the other hand the difficult moments scare us, but it is from those situations that we bring out the best of ourselves

The album is released on the Lizard Records label who also published the teaser video on its YouTube channel, available in the player below:

01. Rumors (17:50)
02. Aer gravis (6:45)
03. Quel momento (6:15)
04. Hurt (2:55)
05. Anansi (3:00)
06. Oremus (12:20) 

Andrea Torello
/ Bass, Vocals
Daniele Olia / Guitars, Keyboards, Lute, Vocals
Leonardo Digilio / Keyboards, Piano, Synth
Marco Fazio / Drums
Michele Torello / Guitars
Pasquale Aricò / Vocals, Keyboards
Giulio Mondo / Drums, Percussions      

Music, lyrics, arrangements:
Rumors, Aer gravis, Quel momento, Oremus: Daniele Olia
Anansi: Andrea Torello, Pasquale Aricò, Michele Torello
Hurt: Daniele Olia, Marco Fazio, Qirsh

English translation of lyrics available on our website: https://qirsh.wordpress.com/aspera-tempora/

Recording, mixing, mastering, graphics & photos: Qirsh
All rights reserved on SOUNDREEF e PATAMU

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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