[News] Quarkspace re-release “Node in Peril” on Bandcamp

Matt Howarth is a legendary comic book artist, known for his Savage Henry series and other science-fiction works. Being a Spacerock fan, he soon discovered Quarkspace and became a supporter. In 2004, we decided to do a project together, where he would do a mini-comic with song titles and a storyline and we would do the music. Thus became “Node in Peril.”

The packaging and comic are great. Musically, we took some of the best improvs in our “to be released” bucket and did some overdubs. Combined with a couple composed instrumentals, it is probably our most sonically intense release. Now available on download, but we also have the CD available with the comic book. It’s a great package! So buy both, after all, it makes a great gift!

Purchase the album on Bandcamp:


Chet Santia / Bass, Guitar, Percussion (on Entering Node 817)
Jay Swanson / Keyboards, Synth
Paul Williams / Drumming, Synth, Keyboards, Loops
Stan Lyon / Guitar

Special Guest

Carlton Smith / Percussion on Entering Node 817

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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