[News] Rantama release the official video for the track “Roaring Rapids” from new album

The Finnish based Progressive Rock band Rantama release the official video for the track “Roaring Rapids” taken from their self-titled new album, watch the video below:

From the Official Press release:

The band’s latest single ‘Roaring Rapids’ (released on Valentine’s Day, 14th of February) was a love song to nature, a theme close to the hearts of the young musicians in the group. The music video of the song is a fitting tribute to the Finnish wilderness showcasing the breathtaking sights of all four seasons.

Rantama consists of four friends who met each other in Kuopio, a desolate eastern town surrounded by lakes and rocky eskers. Their childhood and adolescence consisted mostly of wild adventures in nature and the fearless acts of musical curiosity, fueled by their fathers’ wide record collections. The band has taken nuances from the stadium rock aesthetics of Journey, elements from Weather Report’szany jazz fusion, sensibility from King Crimson’s exploding prog-rock imagery and perhaps a couple of brushstrokes from Opeth’s and Radiohead’s gloomy palettes. It also goes without saying that the band is continuing the overlooked legacy of the Finnish progressive rock and presenting it to the world with their own music. The band’s bassist and drummer are also a part of the Finnish blues guitar goddess Erja Lyytinen’s touring and recording band.

Rantama has, since June 2019, released four singles that have been noted by Metalhead Community MagazineComeherefloyd, Grotesqualizer and some of Finland’s biggest music magazines like Kaaoszine, Soundi and Desibeli. Their music has got radio play from the likes of Rock Radio UKMMH – The Home of Rock Radio and Progzilla Radio. 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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