[News] REZN and Vinnum Sabbathi premiere Astral Doom collaborative album “Silent Future” in full

US Atmospheric Psych-Doom goldsmiths REZN and Mexican Instrumental Cosmic Metallers Vinnum Sabbathi premiere their collaborative album “Silent Future,” out on August 11, 2023 via Blues Funeral Recordings.

Stream REZN and Vinnum Sabbathi’s collaborative album in full here: https://www.heavyblogisheavy.com/exclusive-premiere-rezn-and-vinnum-sabbathi-embark-on-a-journey-to-a-silent-future/

Blues Funeral Recordings has brought together the inimitable talent of Chicago Atmospheric Psych-Doom goldsmiths REZN and Mexico City Cosmic conceptualists Vinnum Sabbathi. This true union of Heavy exploration gave birth to an exciting collaborative album that sees no less than ten musicians joining forces for a mind-altering and breathtaking odyssey into the riff-drenched astral reaches.

The fluidity with which REZN and Vinnum Sabbathi collaborate is unlikely, yet inarguable. As ethereal as celestial light and dense as a black hole collapse, “Silent Future” is a righteously thick, molten-tempo collaborative album of lush, hypnotic and frequently megalithic ambiance: more than a listening experience, its vitality extends beyond the aural. This is the work of two groups pushing themselves further than they’ve gone before, each answering the other’s question of how far they can ultimately go, guaranteeing the listener a highly cohesive, immersive and sense-awakening journey. 

REZN & Vinnum Sabbathi “Silent Future” out August 11, 2023 on Blues Funeral Recordings.

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01. Born Into Catatonia
02. Unknown Ancestor
03. The Cultigen
04. Hypersurreal
05. Clusters
07. Morphing
08. Obliterating Mists

Gerardo Arias / Drums, Percussion, Lead Guitars
Phil Cangelosi / Bass
Patrick Dunn / Drums
Samuel Lopez / Bass
Rob McWilliams: Guitars / Vocals
Spencer Ouellette / Synths, Sax, Flute
Juan Tamayo / Heavy guitars, Synths
Roman Tamayo / Additional FX
Victor “KB” Velazquez / Additional Guitars
Manuel Wohlrab / Spoken Word

The seed for Chicago quartet REZN’s megaton riffs and Psychedelic journeys was planted when guitarist Rob McWilliams and bassist Phil Cangelosi began jamming at age twelve in the DC commuter town of Leesburg, Virginia. Relocating to Chicago in 2015, the pair recruited local sound engineer Patrick Dunn to bash on the drums, and, after playing just three shows together, set about recording their molten amp-worshiping debut LP, also inviting their friend Spencer Ouellette to round out the bottom-heavy sound with the hum and squall of modular synth. Several albums and experimental releases later, REZN has forged a unique style of heavy music by molding disparate textural and musical elements into a shimmering, pummeling cohesion of crushing mass, cosmic weightlessness and lysergic calm.

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Formed in 2012 in Mexico City, Vinnum Sabbathi merges loud, slow and distorted riffs with samples from science fiction and science fact, transmitted to listeners through Heavy Jams and hypnotic transitions. Across two EPs, four split releases, two albums and a live session, this hyperdimensional foursome’s singular goal is to create powerful interstellar soundtracks to both earth-originating and space-born cosmic events, via both studio recordings as well as live outings across Mexico and Europe.

Vinnum Sabbathi |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|

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