[News] Riccardo Romano Land unveil the video trailer for the upcoming album “Spectrum”

Italian Progressive Rock project Riccardo Romano Land unveil the video trailer for the upcoming album “Spectrum” due out on April 15, 2022 via Ma.Ra.Cash. Records. Watch the trailer through the YouTube player below:

Spectrum” is the second and highly anticipated studio album by Riccardo Romano, historical member of the SRB; we are faced with a complex and courageous work, 11 tracks that literally strip the artist naked (note also the beautiful artwork by Davide Costa). The journey, an introspective story in the artist’s life, paints, through the usual use of magical melodies and real texts full of pathos, an experience made of dreams, falls, obstacles and pains, with the sweetness and generosity through which we had known with the first work “B612” (catalog Ma.Ra.Cash Records). The fulcrum around which the album revolves is the “Spectrum,” otherwise known as the “Autistic Spectrum,” which RR has been able to paint through bold strokes and dense colors that alternate continuously with watercolor brushstrokes. In each track Riccardo tells and tells us about imagined life projects and the overwhelming reality that overlaps continuously; Sounds and arrangements, thanks to the unmistakable guitars of guest friend Steve Rothery, (also present on the first album) involve listening after listening. A mature and more intense work than ever, which is appreciated at each subsequent listening. The tracks are divided into two suites, interspersed with the track number 6 Dejà Vu (… who are you now? …) a real poem dedicated to the mother. Suite 1 (tracks 1-5). In the Name of the Son (I) Waxen Wings – In the Name of the Son (II) Endless Promises – In the Name of the Son (III) Deny – In the Name of the Son (IV) A Dream of a Lifetime- Suite 2 (tracks 7-11). The Winner (I) The Words I Never Said – The Winner (II) Wrong – The Winner (III) Pierrot – The Winner (IV) Already Won – The Winner (V) So Far So Close – the CD in special edition DE LUXE (limited to 500 copies that can be purchased EXCLUSIVELY through the Ma.Ra.Cash Records website and during the concerts it contains: double CD (40 minutes of bonus track, composed of an instrumental suite in the studio plus twenty minutes of live in the studio), artwork and booklet by 100 pages (with internal texts) enclosed in a rigid case.

SPECIAL EDITION: http://store.maracash.com/product_info.php?products_id=681

VINYL LP: http://store.maracash.com/product_info.php?products_id=680

DIGIPACK: http://store.maracash.com/product_info.php?products_id=679


  1. In the Name of the Son
    (i) Waxen Wings
    (ii) Endless Promises
    (iii) Deny
    (iv) Statues of Salt
    (v) A Dream of a Lifetime
  2. Dejà-Vu
  3. The Winner
    (i) The Words I Never Said
    (ii) Wrong
    (iii) Pierrot
    (iv) Already Won
    (v) So Far So Close


Riccardo Romano (RanestRane, Steve Rothery, Dave Foster) / Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Bass, Mandolin and Percussions
Luca Grimieri / Guitars
Enrico Rossetti / Drums
Manuel Murgano / Keyboards (1-v)
Gabriele Cipollini / Electric Bass (1-v)
Steve Rothery (Marillion) / Lead Guitar (1-ii)
Jennifer Rothery / Backing Vocals (1-iii), Acting Parts (2)
Claudia Rustichelli / Acting Parts (1-ii)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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