[News] Ripple Music launch special reissue of The Awesome Machine’s classic “…It’s Ugly Or Nothing”

Ripple Music is proud to launch the “Beneath The Desert Floor” series – unearthing long-lost treasures from the early days of Stoner Rock – and team up with Swedish scene veterans The Awesome Machine  for the reissue of their cornerstone album “…It’s Ugly Or Nothing” this January 2024.

The legend says that the Stoner Rock genre was born under the baking sun of Southern California in the mid-80s, somewhere between Palm Desert and Orange County. A sun-baked, Punk-infused and largely Psychedelic-driven response to the Pacific NorthWest’s Grunge movement, its most iconic torchbearers were named Kyuss, Fatso Jetson, Fu Manchu or Sleep. Way before social media existed, it didn’t take long for the first cassette tapes to cross the pond and spark an inextinguishable fire in what would become the cradle of European Stoner Rock: Sweden. Among the scene forefathers Dozer or Lowrider stood a myriad of hyperactive bands, among which The Awesome Machine

Watch The Awesome Machine “I Never Said I Never Fail” video through the YouTube player below:

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An indestructible mass of Fuzz-drenched heft, their 2000 cornerstone album “…It’s Ugly Or Nothing” is eleven tracks of uncompromising Stoner Rock goodness for the ages. An authentic classic of Swedish-brewed mastery that old and new fans of the genre will welcome with open arms and ears in their record collection! 

About the “Beneath The Desert Floor” series, Ripple Music founder Todd Severin says: “There were so many amazing albums released in the underground heavy stoner/doom/desert/heavy psych during the late 90’s, early 2000’s that have gotten lost in the passage of time. These albums, from incredible bands, came out in a time before social media was fully formed to help push public awareness before the vinyl resurgence happened so they were never pressed to wax before digital channels existed to spread the music far and wide. My goal is to do our part to change that. To look beneath the desert floor and see what gems and treasures lay there. And spread them with the world.

The Awesome Machine…It’s Ugly Or Nothing” reissue out January 12th, 2024 via Ripple Music (vinyl only): International Pre-Order – US Pre-Order

1. Never Said I Never Fail
2. How Am I To Know
3. El Bajo
4. Son Of A God
5. Cruise Control
6. Supernova
7. Looking For Sweet Opium
8. Out Of Fuel
9. Used To Be
10. No Share
11. Untitled

The Awesome Machine was formed in late 1996 by guitarist Christian Smedström and former bass player Stefan Magnusson, followed by vocalist Lasse Olausson and drummer Peter Thorne. Tobbe Bovik took over the drum stool after Peter in March ‘98. Following the release of their self-titled debut 10-inch vinyl in October 1998, Magnusson left the band and was replaced by Anders Wenander in December 1998. With their background set firmly in the heaviest of legendary Rock bands, they knew their direction immediately and recorded their cult demo “Doom, Disco, Dope, Death and Love” on German label People Like You

Following almost a year of composing and rehearsing combined with local club shows, The Awesome Machine went on to record their first full-length “…It’s Ugly Or Nothing” at Los Angered Recordings with Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) as main engineer and co-producer. 

The summer of 2000 was spent mostly on the road, including some of the biggest festivals in Sweden. In September 2000, a signature model by Eagle Guitars designed by Christian and called “Awesome” was released. The rest of the year 2000 was spent on the road throughout Europe together with the likes Dozer and Karma To Burn. In 2006, the band went on indefinite hiatus, until Ripple Music decided to rekindle the flame with their “Beneath The Desert Floor” series and the reissue of their all-time classic “…It’s Ugly Or Nothing” in the winter of 2024.

Lasse Olausson / Vocals
Anders Wenander / Bass
Christian Smedström / Guitar
Tobbe Bövik / Drums

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Ripple Music |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

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