[News] Robert Rich to release new album titled “Neurogenesis”

Electronic music wizard Robert Rich has announced the upcoming release of his new album titled “Neurogenesis” via Soundscape Productions.

I started recording Neurogenesis in spring of 2019, inspired by a lucid dream that also spawned a cube-shaped painting,” says Robert Rich about the album. “Vibrating and microtonal, shimmery and crystalline, Neurogenesis expresses optimism about the potential for human consciousness.”

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in March, Rich stopped working on “Neurogenesis” to record “Offering to the Morning Fog” because listeners were requesting something very calm. “I got back to work on Neurogenesis in June, and finished in late October. I had specific ideas for the artwork, and John Bergin did his magic again, to help extend that vision into a magical realm.“

Neurogenesis” will be available on vinyl LP, CD and download. The LP will feature different artwork and more liner notes than the CD, and comes on clear vinyl.

The album will be available directly from Robert Rich at dxc.verio.com/cdorders

or from Bandcamp: robertrich.bandcamp.com/music

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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