[News] Robert Svilpa publish the official video for “8:46” feat. Durga McBroom from upcoming album

Robert Svilpa publish the official video for the single “8:46” feat. Durga McBroom taken from upcoming new album “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream” due out on January 9, 2022. watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

This is a project that has spanned 3+ years from initiation to when it will be finally completed. A collection of songs reflective of a set of dreams, spanning soothing through intense and frightening. Just like dreams provide the conscious mind a way to process and assimilate experiences, these songs provide a way for me and ostensibly the listener to process things. Events like the BLM protests and the shocking things that provoked them are covered in “8:46” with my great friends Durga McBroom on lead and harmony vocals, and Jerry Marotta on drums and percussion. Details for the track list are below – tracks will be added when the production is completed.


1. Dreamscape Suite – Level 1 (10:20)
2. Colossus (4:54)
3. Pareidolia (9:21)
4. 8:46 (featuring Durga McBroom) (7:39)
5. In memory of… (6:06)
6. Dreamscape Suite – Level 2 (4:20)
7. Abaddon (8:39)
8. Dreamscape Suite – Level 3 [parts i to iv] (9:45)


Robert Svilpa / Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitars, Drums and Percussion, Lead and Harmony Vocals

Durga McBroom / Lead & Harmony Vocals on “8:46
Marc Miller / Fret and Fretless Bass Guitars, Chapman Stick, Mellotron, Taurus Bass Pedals, Drums and Percussion on “In memory of…
Andy Edwards / Drums and Percussion on “Pareidolia” & “Level 3
John Jowitt / Bass Guitars
Jimmy Keegan / Drums and Percussion on “Colossus” & “Abaddon
Brian Timpe / Bass Guitar on “Colossus
Sean Fairchild / 6 String Bass Guitar on “Abaddon

Pre-orders are open on Bandcamp: https://robertsvilpamusic.com/album/to-sleep-perchance-to-dream-2

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