[News] Rocking Horse Music Club presents new concept album/Rock Opera “Circus of Wire Dolls”

Rocking Horse Music Club presents its expansive new concept album/Rock Opera titled “Circus of Wire Dolls.” watch the presentation video through the YouTube player below:

The album tells the story of a man who creates a miniature circus out of wire, string, and cloth. In his imagination, the performers of his circus come to life with human thoughts and emotions. As the circus plays out, the performers each tell their own stories, revealing the aspirations, fears, and thoughts of their creator. On the surface, it’s a story about a miniature circus, but it’s really about a man looking back at his life, his work, the people who entered and existed his world, his successes, his failures, his regrets.

Features special guests Amy Birks, Tim Bowness, David Cross (King Crimson), Kenwood Dennard (Brand X), Chris Difford (Squeeze), John Hackett, Greg Hawkes (the Cars), Noel McCalla (the voice of Mike Rutherford’s Smallcreep’s Day), Kate St John (Dream Academy), and Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett band).

New concept album available September 16, 2022 from here: https://www.rockinghorsemusicclub.com/

The Rocking Horse Music Club is a songwriting and performing collaboration between producer/songwriter Brian Coombes, singer/songwriter Justin Cohn, and singer/songwriter Patrik Gochez and the talents of Rocking Horse Studio musicians Brenden Harisaides, Mike McAdam, Myron Kibbee, and Eric Wagley. The band’s eclectic style blends Progressive Rock with elements of Baroque and Chamber Pop, Gospel, Fusion, Indie Folk, and Art Rock.


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Justin Cohn

Keys, Bass, Vocals / Brian Coombes

Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Patrik Gochez

Bass / Brenden Harisiades

Guitar / Myron Kibbee

Guitar / Mike McAdam

Drums / Eric Wagley

Rocking Horse Music Club |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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