[News] Sabaton publish the animated video of “Night Witches”

Sabaton have released a new animated video of the track “Night Witches” made in collaboration with Yarn Hub.

Pär Sundström comments: “I first came into contact with Yarn Hub when a fan recommended me a video linked to one of our songs and I was struck by the emotions that Yarn Hub conveys in their videos. When Yarn Hub asked me if they could include our singer Joakim in a small cameo, I said yes instantly and I thought it added a touch of class to the T.E Lawrence episode. After that we started discussing doing something together and the idea of ​​’Night Witches’ was born. I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw the animated short film for the first time. It’s a different way of telling these stories, and it’s great! Enjoy it friends, it’s something special“.

Yarn Hub comments: “The collaboration with Sabaton began when we got permission to make a cameo of Joakim on Lawrence of Arabia’s grave. We have all been fans of Sabaton for a long time, because they passionately capture the epic moments of history. Since there was no official ‘Night Witches’ video, we explained our idea to Sabaton’s management, who kindly granted us permission to collaborate.

Receiving the assignment was a great honor. In this story we try to capture the difficulties that these young women have had to face and the sacrifice and courage put in place to be respected by everyone… even by their enemies. Working with the original Sabaton music really intimidated us. Playing the original music on a loop in a seven-minute video wouldn’t tell the whole story effectively, so we wrote additional music to lengthen ‘Night Witches‘. It is often difficult for us to bring a long battle scene to life through storytelling, so using pure SABATON music for the battle in this video was an absolute gift.

Yarn Hub is a small group of artists, animators and musicians who want to make story videos that make you feel a connection with the people of the story. They strive to animate them in order to pay homage to the epic nature of the story, rather than just listing the facts. This means having original video artwork, animation, composition and performance of original music in their video. Since they left in 2019, they have transformed their style from 2D to 3D, while maintaining a 2D feel. They don’t want to do photographic realism, but try to tell stories that convey as much meaning and emotions as possible within the limits of their style.

Sabaton’s latest album “The Great War” was released in 2019 and entered no. 1 in several countries including Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. The record was critically acclaimed and fan-favorite features numerous colossal singles such as ‘Great War‘, ‘82nd All The Way‘, ‘The Red Baron‘ and ‘Fields of Verdun‘.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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