[News] Season Of Mist Records to reissue Green Carnation’s “The Acoustic Verses” for 15th anniversary

The 15th anniversary remaster of Green Carnation‘s cult acoustic album “The Acoustic Verses” comes with bonus tracks “Six Ribbons,” “Transparent Me” and “Child’s Play, Part 3 (live version).”

Back in 2006, Norwegian progressive metal band Green Carnation surprised everyone with an all acoustic record. The album represents a very special step in the band’s progressive career, as they combined the warmer and softer sound of an unplugged set with their earlier established progressive style and melancholic mood. From the folky influences of “Alone” to the dark vibrations of “Sweet Leaf“, the record is brimming with raw emotional power that only a few bands master.

Cover art by Lukasz Jaszak.

Pre-orders are open through the label’s official webshop: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/list/green-carnation-the-acoustic-verses

01. Sweet Leaf (remastered) (04:39)
02. The Burden is Mine… Alone (remastered) (03:15)
03. Maybe? (remastered) (05:03)
04. Child`s Play, part 3 (remastered) (03:31)
05. Alone (remastered) (03:44)
06. 9-29-045 (remastered) (15:30)
07. Six Ribbons (remastered) (03:12)
08. Transparent Me (remastered) (05:03)
09. High Tide Waves (remastered) (07:49)
10. Child`s Play, part 3 (live version) (03:59)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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