[News] Simone Cozzetto published the single “Carved in Stone” taken from his third album “Oblivion”

Italian Progressive Rocker Simone Cozzetto published the single “Carved In Stone” taken from his third album “Oblivion” out on April 14, 2023 via Sincom Music. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

The inspirational figure of this album is Medusa, the snake-haired Gorgon who can turn to stone those who gaze at her. There are three questions (implicitly referring to the three Gorgons) to each of which the following track answers. Here Medusa represents the feeling of getting stuck in something that hurts or scares, the inability to overcome what keeps us still and emotionally numb, cold. According to an ancient version of the Greek myth, Medusa embodies the most terrible form of fear, clouding the mind and obscuring the view. That’s why she was also known as “Oblivion,” the supreme fright that would petrify those who surrender to their own pain and fatalism. But remember that Medusa is the only Gorgon, between the three, who is mortal and then vulnerable: this means that if you can face your inner monsters (what has sentenced your choices, what is haunting you and what is tearing you apart), you’ll be able to kill her. Or at least to forgive her.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://simonecozzetto.bandcamp.com/album/oblivion


  1. Prologue I (Where Was The Sentence Written?) (1:17)
  2. Carved In Stone (5:03)
  3. Prologue II (What Is Haunting You?) (0:35)
  4. Regret (9:43)
  5. Rice Fields (2:57)
  6. The Body (What Is Tearing Your Mind Apart?) (2:33)
  7. Oblivion (20:24)
  8. Lucifer (Instrumental) (2:52)


Simone Cozzetto / Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, FX, Vocals, Bass, Mellotron, Strings
Elisa Benedetti
 / Choir (1)
Roberta Palmigiani / Violin & Viola (1, 7, 8)
Daniel Mastrovito / Piano (1), Additional Keyboards (4)
Alessandro Inolti / Drums (1, 2, 4, 7)
Kee Marcello / Lead Guitars (2,7)
Francesco Marino / Lead & Backing Vocals (2, 4, 6, 7)
Daniele Pomo (RanestRane) / Drums (5)
Andrea Zanzarri / Bass (5)
Philippes Claerhout and François Claerhout (XII Alfonso) / Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Fx and others instrument (5)
Roberto Lanzo / Bass Synt and Moog (6)
Ivo Di Traglia (Tritop) / Drums (6)
Ludovico Piccinini (Cherry Five) / Lead Guitars (7)
Giacomo Anselmi (Stefano Panunzi) / Lead Guitars (7)
Giorgia Zaccagni / Backing Vocals (7)
Zappis / Backing Vocals (7)
Martina De Longis / Tranvers Flute (7)
Francesco Pierotti / Double-Bass (8)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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