[News] Simonluca e L’Enorme Maria published the video teaser for the new album “Mastico Asfalto”

Simonluca, (Alberto Simonluca Favata) was born in Piacenza and moved to Milan in the early 1960s. In high school he founded his first group I Semplici.
From 1966 to 1970, a fruitful and important collaboration began with the producer Aldo Pagani. He records some covers and then starts writing the songs of some first ‘singles‘ under the pseudonym of Alberto Oro.
After a ‘magical‘ trip to the USA in 1969, he composed and released his first album at the beginning of the 1970s, again with Aldo Pagani, “From three thousand years” finally with the name of SimonLuca.
In this album we find some Stormy Six musicians, Nando De Luca, Tullio De Piscopo and some of the most important Italian and foreign arrangers. The album is very well received by critics.
In 1971 he founded a historic band SimonLuca & L’Enorme Maria, gathering around him many of the most talented young Milanese musicians. For the sake of brevity just some of the names, but many others could be added: Alberto Camerini, Fabio Treves, Ricky Belloni, Gigi Belloni, Marco Ferradini, Eugenio Finardi, Donatella Bardi, Lalla and Eloisa Francia, Lucio Fabbri and so on … with this extraordinary training, in 1972, he publishes the album “Per Proteggere L’Enorme Maria” of which this year marks the fiftieth anniversary !!!
In 1973 the lineup of SimonLuca and L’Enorme Maria changes with Claudio Bazzari, Ronnie Jackson and Claudio Ciampini on guitars, Gigi Belloni on bass, Flaviano Cuffari on drums and singer Flavia Baldassarri and with this lineup SimonLuca releases his third album, “E La Mia Mente?
As composer and arranger SimonLuca writes and collaborates with artists such as: Mina, Milva, Ornella Vanoni, Iva Zanicchi, Bruno Lauzi, Dik Dik, Marco Ferradini, Rosanna Fratello, Paolo Mengoli, Mal, Anna Identici and many others. He composes music and jingles for various award-winning advertising campaigns, for films and television and film dramas.)
As in the project of its founder, Simonluca & l’Enorme Maria, the only “open group” experiment in Italy, it was created to be a sort of creative laboratory of different musical experiences, from which artists then mature who successfully undertake a personal path.

Watch the video teaser of the album through the YouTube player below:

The CD is released on M.P. & Records, distributed by G.T. Music Distribution, Micio Poldo Edizioni Musicali and KY Publishing.
Cover image by Caterina Calea. Artwork and graphics by OndemediE.
Produced by Alberto Simonluca Favata, with executive production by Marco Leo and artistic direction by Mario Camerini.

Simon Luca & L’Enorme Maria:
Simonluca / Vocals
Marco Leo / Guitars
Edoardo Maggioni / Piano and Keyboards
Cesare Pizzetti / Double Bass
Peppe Burrafato / Drums
Lalla Francia / Chorus, Vocals on “Sopra i raggi della luna
Simona ‘Jammin’ Bovino / Chorus
Veronica Canestrari / Chorus, Vocals on “Fuori dal fango
Ivan Padul / Chorus
Jordan Brown / Chorus

Guest Artists:
Fabio Treves / Blues Harp on “Credo
Claudio Bazzarri / Electric Guitar on “Confini
Amedeo Bianchi / Saxophone on “Fuori dal fango” and “Sopra i raggi della luna

1) Credo (4:41)
2) Mastico asfalto (4:08)
3) Confini (4:53)
4) Fuori dal fango (4:49)
5) Numeri prigionieri (4:28)
6) Sopra i raggi della luna (4:39)
7) Verso l’infino (4:36)

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