[News] Skraeckoedlan to release the first single “The Vermillion Sky” from upcoming new album

It’s been a while. A good, long 4 years since Skraeckoedlan released their latest album, Earth. Meaning it’s time for something new. It’s time to take off. “The Vermillion Sky,” is the first single from Skraeckoedlan’s upcoming 2024-release and will be available digitally on August 17. A mere 7 minutes can take you pretty far. You will hop planets, watch heavenly bodies collide, traverse galaxies and get drawn into the all-encompassing nothingness. The Void. And there are also rainbows. If that’s not enough, good news. This is only part of a continuous, much larger story. But that is something to be heard (and read) at a later date. So, come August 17, keep your eyes toward the heavens. Have a look at The Vermillion Sky!

Pre-save the track now on Spotify here: https://www.musicgateway.com/presave/925-the-vermillion-sky

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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