[News] Solemn Ceremony published the single “The King Of Slaves” taken from upcoming third album

Australian TraditionalDoom Metal project Solemn Ceremony published the single “The King Of Slaves” taken from upcoming third album “Chapter III” due out on August 02, 2024. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

In the bandìs own words:

Solemn Ceremony was formed in 2017 in Adelaide, Australia as a solo side project to Lucifer’s Fall by Phil Howlett (aka Deceiver). Helped out by longtime collaborator and talented lead guitarist Kieran Provis (aka Invocator, also ex-Lucifer’s Fall) Solemn Ceremony aim to make barbaric, raw and obscure old school doom in the spirit of the 80’s.

Phil’s distinctive, aggressive and interesting vocals may be an acquired taste but this, along with years of songwriting experience with Rote Mare & Lucifer’s Fall, and a staunchly almost punk DIY ethos, are what sets Solemn Ceremony apart from many others. Some obvious influences include Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre, Cirith Ungol and Pentagram. Two albums were previously released by Nine Records (ST and Demise). Now in 2024 the release of the third album Chapter III, which includes some killer artwork by Adam Burke, is upon us. Solemn Ceremony aims to continue releasing classic traditional doom metal for many years to come.”

There’s no rest for the wicked, and underground Doom Metal icon Phil Howlett takes that creed to heart. His signature fiendish, savage vocals delivered unto listeners bands including Rote Mare and Lucifer’s Fall and now herald the wicked workings of trad doom project Solemn Ceremony.

Solemn Ceremony’s third album, “Chapter III,” knows only one master, and their name is DOOM. Gnarled, twisting riffs soar and stomp beneath satanic wails of devilry best not named. The ferocity is balanced with dour melodicism across seven epic tracks, cataloguing a hellish journey that breathes foul new life into the world of tTraditional Doom Metal.

Pre-Order the album onm Bandcamp: https://solemnceremony.bandcamp.com/album/chapter-iii

01. They Rule The Night (6:11)
02. Another Lie (6:41)
03. Chapter III (6:20)
04. Arcadia (4:56)
05. The King Of Slaves (6:46)
06. Skull Smasher (6:43)
07. Unholy Fate (5:49)

Phil Howlett / Drums, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Bass & Vocals
Kieran Provis / Lead Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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