[News] Solstice publish the gigs updates and a rehersal studio video

Official Solstice announcement:

Wishing you all a Happy Summer Solstice!

Just a quick update following the latest delay in lifting of restrictions. Unfortunately the Prog For Peart Festival has now been postponed until August 13th. On the bright side, maybe it means that some of you who couldn’t make it now can. Hope to see you at what will be our first show. Can’t wait! 

Being the Summer Solstice we thought it would be an auspicious day share our latest video from our recent rehearsals… what a buzz it was to finally get to play together!

So here’s our work in progress as we knock Sacred Run into shape.

Watch the rehersal video for “Sacred Run” through the YouTube Player below:

The band comment:

Happy Summer Solstice!

During the first week of June we had the great pleasure of coming together for the first time since Jess joined the band to record Sia.

With Johanna, Meg and Olivia completing the line up, we only had two days to work through the set with all nine of us, so this is work in progress… but the energy and the music felt right immediately and what a joy bringing new music to life, and new life to old music.

Huge thanks to Mark Jepson and James Westlake for capturing this on film!!

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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