[News] Spurv published the official full stream for their new album “Brefjære”

With expansive studio albums and captivating live shows, it’s safe to say that Spurv have left an indelible impression on the international Post-Rock scene over the past decade. This Norwegian sextet has released 3 stellar albums thus far, but their new record “Brefjære” opens up a whole new dimension in terms of composition, musicianship, scope and production. “Brefjære” combines the orchestral grandeur of MONO with the wistful textures of This Will Destroy You and the Scandinavian mysticism of Sigur Rós. An oratorio for a world in despair with which Spurv redefine the boundaries of Symphonic Rock and Post-Rock, finding beauty and solace in the intersection of time, nature, history, and humanity.

I recently moved to Tromsø in the far north above the polar circle,” says main-songwriter Gustav Jørgen Pedersen about the origins of Brefjære. “One day I looked out the window where I see the mountains and the birch trees and I found myself wondering, if they could speak, what would they be telling each other?” Thus, a mythical conversation between the wind, a mountain, a birch tree and a butterfly was born inspired by classical traditions such as Greek tragedies and the oratorios of the Baroque, but also by the musical journey of Spurv itself. “This album contains elements even from before we started Spurv back in 2011. Some of these ideas I’ve been working on for over 10 years” continues Pedersen, divulging how “Brefjære” is a result of a decade-long process as much as a contemporary snapshot.

We don’t want to be ephemeral like the mayfly,” says Pedersen about the artistic intent of Spurv. “We want to make music that lasts—our music should be both intricate and immediate. This is a balance which I find a lot in classical music, and likewise every Spurv album until now has been a step towards achieving that balance.” Having gathered an impressive collection of high-profile performers from the Norwegian classical music scene, the band has taken a grand stride in expanding their musical palette, but also in creating an immersive and gripping work of art. Listening to “Brefjære” is an incredible experience on its own, as the effortless combination of Rock instrumentation, string sections, brass and choirs surround you with an intricately choreographed interplay of carefully knitted musical references.

Stream “Breafjære” in its entirety through the YouTube player below:


From its immaculate conception during an unsuspecting gaze out of the window to the extensive process of its creation, “Brefjære” is a work of art that brings together the temporal and the eternal both in music and in poetry, revealing the universal truth that we are all equally everlasting and equally ephemeral. From the humble solo vocal performances against huge droning notes of «Under himmelhvelvingen» and «Å vente er å endre» to the magnificent celestial melodies of «Som skyer» and «Til en ny vår» “Brefjære” touches fleetingly and eternally on that imperishable quality that Spurv are dying to bring with their music.

A sonic saga for the ages.

Order “Brefjæere” here: https://listen.pelagic-records.com/spurv

01. Krokete, rettskafen
02. En brennende vogn over jordet
03. Som skyer
04. Under himmelhelvingen
05. Til en ny vår
06. Å vente er å endre
07. Urdråpene
08. Din pust fra stein

Gustav Jørgen Pedersen
 / Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal On #4, Percussion
Herman Otterlei / Electric Guitar
Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen / Bass
Simon Ljung / Drums
Eirik Ørevik Aadland / Electric Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Glockenspiel, Trumpet
Simen Eifring / Trombone, Percussion

Guest Musicians:
Tåran Reindal (Leonov)
 / Vocal on #6
Jørgen Bagheera Apeness / Vibraphone
Kari Rønnekleiv / Violin
Ole-Henrik Moe / Violin, Viola, Cello, Picoletto Violin
Inger Hannisdal / Solo Violin on #2 and #7

Choir: Margrethe Lunde, Marthe Ødegård Olsen, Sanna Emilie Jensen Karlsrud, Kari Lisa Eide, Astrid Wøllo, Hege Nesset, Julia Nelson, Juliane Lauen Singstad, Linn Gaustadnes Hansen, David Sidi John Bakke, Tobias Føyen, Tor Haakon Bekkevold, Gustav Jørgen Pedersen, Eirik Ørevik Aadland

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