[News] Starspawn of Cthulhu published the official lyric videofor the track “Ancient Visitors” taken from new album

Vicenza, Italy based one-man Doom Metal band Starspawn Of Cthulhu presents debut full-length album, “Alienum,” which was just released independently on July 06, 2024.

Watch the official lyric videofor the track “Ancient Visitors” through the YouTube player below:

Starspawn Of Cthulhu is a Lovecraft themed doom metal band formed in Italy in late 2019 by Roberto Biasin and Domenico Groppo. With the release of three albums, one single featuring Chris Babalis from Acid Mammoth and a signing with Talheim Records the band gained some good response in the underground. After the leaving of Domenico and the end of the collaboration with the label Starspawn Of Cthulhu became a one-man band with session musicians for live shows and a lot of adventures are yet to come.

Alienum” is the new adventure Starspawn Of Cthulhu cast you in. Lovecraftian-inspired themes are once again the main actor but this time the horizons are broaden. This album adds mysterious and fascinating elements such as aliens and ancient/extradimensional entities. Remaining faithful to the stories of the Providence loner, “Alienum” will explore the intricacies of the mystery that sorrounds the dawn of humanity.

Purchase “Alienum” on Bandcamp: https://starspawnofcthulhu.bandcamp.com/album/alienum

01. Ruins Of The Past
02. Ancient Visitors
03. Melodies From Another Dimension
04. Alien Crown
05. Yuggoth
06. Towards The Starlight
07. They Come At Night
08. Great Race Of Yith

Roberto Biasin
/ Guitar, Vocal, Bass, Synth and Drum Programming

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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