[News] Stoned Jesus + Samavayo tour cancelled

Official Facebook post from Stoned Jesus:

Hi friends,
due to the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, and Stoned Jesus being a Ukrainian band stuck in their country, all tour dates with Samavayo need to be cancelled.

It’s extremely hard to find words for all this, so please best simply read Stoned Jesus’ statement below and think about helping / donating if you haven’t already. We hope this nightmare will end very soon and send all our strength and hope to people in Ukraine and those affected.

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This spring should’ve been about celebrating the tenth anniversary of our most important album, Seven Thunders Roar. Hitting the road, meeting the old friends and making the new ones, playing our music, spreading the message of peace and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, right now for us and our whole country it’s all about survival.
We’ll see each other soon, when the dictator and his horde are defeated, and the new Stoned Jesus album will also be released this year. For now – don’t pray for us, rather donate to Ukrainian charity via link in our bio. The Truth is on our side

(Link from Stoned Jesus’ bio)

Please also check with your ticket provider, some might be able to offer donating your ticket to Ukrainian charity instead of returning it.
Thank you for your support,
Your SOL Crew

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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