[News] Summer Jam by Ashley Buxton and Pete Jones out now

With a post on his Facebook Page Pete Jones announce the release of “Summer Jam” with Ashley Buxton originally recorded in 1998.

Pete says: “Ahoy folks. There’s a new release on the Pete Jones Bandcamp page. Starring meself and Trumpet player Ashley Buxton, we present Summer Jam. This is an album recorded in the dim distant days of 1998 and released for the first time in 2020. If you like your music a bit experimental and a bit jazzy and a bit out there, you may like this. Many thanks and we hope you enjoy.

Stream and buy the album on Pete Jone’s bandcamp: https://petejones.bandcamp.com/album/summer-jam


1. Bar-B-Q at Fourth Avenue 06:05
2. Cheese and Wine 02:26
3. Hot Chile Samba 03:21
4. Goin Downtown 00:25
5. Snake Byte 06:40
6. Park Fever 01:28
7. On The Beach 07:51
8. Dancing Until Dusk 03:12
9. Sunset 03:21
10. Lov’in Summer 05:44

Summer Jam was recorded back in 1998 by school friends Ashley Buxton and Pete Jones, during their first year of sixth form. The album is instrumental and largely improvised, capturing the feelings and atmosphere of live acoustic jams and studio sessions. 
Ashley Buxton: Trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet. 
Pete Jones, Keyboard, Alto Sax and guitar.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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