[News] Svart Records to release Jupu Group’s new album “Umpeen Kasvoivat Polut” and unveil first single

The story of Jupu Group began in the 70’s, when the classically trained violinist-composer Juhani “Jupu” Poutanen founded the band at a time of progevity that “haunted” the world. The functional culmination of the short-lived line-up was experienced in 1975 when Jupu Group released their debut album “Ahmoo.” In addition to Poutanen, the record released by HiHat Records featured top musicians from Finland, such as Jukka Linkola, Upi Sorvali, Ilkka Hanski and Janne Louhivuori. Unfortunately, the band’s membership went in different directions before the album was released, but later generations gradually raised the “Ahmoo” album to its due value, and in 2016 Svart Records re-released it first on vinyl and two years later on CD.

Now the band, led by Juhani Poutanen, has risen from almost half a century of hibernation and put together a band of young musicians for the new Jupu Group album. With the release of the album “Umpeen Kasvoivat Polut” will feature new instrumental pieces as well as compositions by Helena Anhava, Helvi Juvonen, Otomo no Yakamoch and Meerika Ahlqvist. The songs are united by a certain sadness as the lyrics deal with loneliness, animal suffering, and death.

Stream the first single “Kääntäisikö hän selkänsä” through the YouTube player below:

I am addressed by the quiet thoughts of lonely people. The quiet state and sensitivity of the senses that I have wanted to look for in the compositions of the album have disappeared from life. I have always been a sworn protector of animals, so nature and animals also appear in the songs as a recurring theme,”says Juhani Poutanen.

Pre-order the album here: https://svartrecords.com/product/jupu-group-umpeen-kasvoivat-polut-album/


1. Kapriisi
2. Istut yksin
3. Umpeen kasvoivat polut
4. Enkeli
5. Giba
6. Kääntäisikö hän selkänsä
7. Pihapuu
8. Täyttymys

Svart Records will release Jupu Group‘s new album “Umpeen” on May 27, 2022 on CD, digitally and in a limited vinyl edition of 350 copies.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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