[News] Teramaze publish the first single “Jackie Seth” from upcoming album

Official Press release:

Jackie Seth” is our first single from our new album “And The Beauty They Perceive” set to be release October 5, 2021 on Wells Music.

We really wanted to release a track that is full of energy and something that makes you wanna move in a time when we have all been locked in our house’s like prisoners.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:


1. And The Beauty They Perceive
2. Jackie Seth
3. Untide
4. Modern Living Space
5. Blood Of Fools
6. Waves
7. Son Rise
8. Search For The Unimaginable
9. Head Of The King


Dean Wells / Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Cameron / Bass
Chris Zoupa / Guitar
Nick Ross / Drums

Pre-orders are open through Bandcamp: https://teramaze.bandcamp.com/album/and-the-beauty-they-perceive

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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