[News] The Arkitecht published the sampler for the new album “Heart Failure”

Mexican Progressive Metal band The Arkitecht published the sampler for the new album “Heart Failure” out on August 29, 2022. Stream the album sampler through the YouTube player below:

Decibel Peak // The Uprising (feat....

“Heart Failure is a concept album where every song has it’s own unique sound. The story is of a father and his son; a heart attack, the son’s indifference to the father’s death, and an unresolved relationship that goes on well beyond the father’s demise.

Influenced by amazing bands such as Mastodon, Textures, Killer Be Killed, Hacride, Alter Bridge, Nickelback, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Leprous and many more, Heart Failure is a very complex blend of seemingly unrelated subgenres, carefully sewed together to create a unique musical journey that serves as soundtrack for these two characters.

Introducing singer extraordinaire Omar Kempkes, and returning guitar virtuoso César Huesca and multi-instrumentalist Genaro Ochoa. The trio have set up to make one of the most ambitious albums of the year.

Seat back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy!” – The Arkitecht

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://thearkitecht.bandcamp.com/album/heart-failure


  1. Coronary (1:09)
  2. Harlequin’s Crown (5:17)
  3. You Don’t Belong Here (3:33)
  4. Half Star Cowboy (4:58)
  5. Shadow Hunter (3:37)
  6. Drive (5:55)
  7. Lotus Intangible (4:04)
  8. Heritage (4:36)
  9. When You Try To Leave Me (6:29)
  10. Heart Failure I: Clouded Skies (4:18)
  11. Heart Failure II: Anesthetize (1:59)
  12. Heart Failure III: Song Of Condemnation (2:22)
  13. Heart Failure IV: Lungs Collapsed (1:45)
  14. Heart Failure V: Staring Beyond The Summit (5:25)


Genaro Ochoa / All Music, Clean and Acoustic Guitars, Programming
Omar Kempkes / Vocals
César Huesca / Rhythm Guitars and Solos

José Luis Esquivel / Orchestral Arrangements

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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