[News] The McBroom Sisters published the video for the track “Gods and Lovers” taken from “Black Floyd”

The McBroom Sisters published the music video for the track “Gods and Lovers” taken from the album “Black Floyd” released on July 04, 2020. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

This is the debut album of The McBroom Sisters called “Black Floyd.” The McBroom Sisters are Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom, former backing vocalists for the legendary Pink Floyd and many others. On this album they sing both lead and backing vocals on a combination of classic Pink Floyd covers and their own original songs co-written with Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Lemmy Kilmister, Paul Litteral, Dave Kerzner and more.

Black Floyd” by The McBroom Sisters features vocals by Lorelei McBroom, Durga McBroom and special guest vocalists Louise Goffin, Lara Smiles and Emily Lynn. Guitars by David Domminney Fowler, Fernando Perdomo, Randy McStine, Billy Sherwood and Steve McElroy. Keyboards by Dave Kerzner, Jon Carin, Jason Sawford, Dave Innis, David Domminney Fowler and Paul Grant. Bass by Fernando Perdomo, Ricky Howard and drums by Derek Cintron, Paul Bonney, Nick Mason and David Domminney Fowler. Trumpet Paul Litteral, Saxophone Mike Kidson and Violin by Lili Haydn.


Durga and Lorelei McBroom are Los Angeles born sisters who have performed backing vocals for some of the biggest recording artists in history. Between them they have worked together and/or separately with Pink Floyd, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Nile Rogers, The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Rod Stewart, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Blue Pearl, Boy George, and many more. They have appeared in films: “Flash Dance” – Durga McBroom, “Rolling Stones At The Max,” – Lorelei McBroom, “Pink Floyd Live in Venice,” – Durga and Lorelei McBroom to name a few. The McBroom Sisters have released an album as a duo called “Black Floyd.” The album is a collection of Pink Floyd classics and originals the sisters have written with Pink Floyd members Jon Carin, Guy Pratt and Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister. The McBroom Sisters honor the roots of Rock and Roll by bringing the music they grew up on full circle. As Black vocalists in this time of social awakening, The McBroom Sisters offer a timely blend of substance and authentic soulful takes on their favorite styles of music.

Purchase the album here: https://sonicelements.bandcamp.com/album/black-floyd


1. Gods and Lovers 06:22
2. Money Don’t Make The Man 05:35
3. Wish You Were Here 05:21
4. What Do You Want From Me 04:18
5. Love of a Lifetime 04:15
6. Poles Apart 07:03
7. Have A Cigar 07:23
8. Goodbye Blue Sky 03:06
9. A Girl Like That 05:55
10. On The Turning Away 05:58
11. The Great Gig In The Sky 04:37
12. Forgotten How To Smile 06:13
13. Intermission 00:39
14. Cocoon 09:07

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