[News] The Necromancers have parted ways with Tom Cornière-David and are working on new music

French Hard Rock/Doom purveyors The Necromancers shared the news that they have parted ways with vocalist/guitarist, Tom Cornière-David. At the same time, the band confirmed that they are currently working hard on the new music. Their second and latest full length effort “Of Blood And Wine,” was released in October 2018.

Statement from the band: “Hey people. We’ve been quiet for a long time, but we wanted to share news with you only when we had something that would give you an idea of what’s coming next. We are quite sad about it, but Tom will not be a part of our on-going adventure. He is definitely part of The Necromancers family and we wish him all the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

“We’ve been working tirelessly on the new material, and we’ll be happy to present you the new Necromancers line-up in the very near future.”

“Tom just wanted to share a few words on this: “I will no longer be the singer and guitarist in The Necromancers. These years have been great in many ways. I wish the best to the band and hope that you will all keep dancing with the undead for many years more as I walk to the fire of a different path. Tom.”

Below the official announcement from the band’s Facebook Page:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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