[News] The Queen Of Spades publish a video for the live track “1984”

The Estonian Rockers The Queen Of Spades have published the video for the track “1984” recorded live at Von Krahl in Tallin on March 16, 2019.

Video produced by Laura Lisete Roosaar

The track is taken from their debut album “The recent past” published on May 24, 2019 via The Queen Of Spades Records and available in Digital Download on the principal web stores.


01. 1984 (7:17)
02. Lady Love (3:24)
03. Tomorrow (8:39)
04. Gravitational Pull of the Moon (6:54)
05. Your Conscience (5:53)
06. Melody (6:21)
07. Down Syndrome (7:20)
08. The Recent Past (7:44)
09. Shine (7:38)
10. Revolution (7:43)

The recent past” is available on the band’s Official Website: https://on.cmdshft.com/TheRecentPast

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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