[News] The return of OAK with the Prog opera “Lucid Dreaming And The Specter Of Nikola Tesla”

The new Prog work by Jerry Cutillo dedicated to the life of the famous inventor. Among the guests of this compelling concept on freedom of thought David Jackson of Van Der Graaf, Jonathan Noyce of Jethro Tull and Alex Elena.

Also this time I address my musical investigations to those condemned to die in flames and to those who have ended up at the stake of indifference, two faces of the same monstrosity generated by a Power that eliminates all transversal thoughts at the root. Express your ideas in no uncertain terms and going against the common feeling has always represented a serious risk. Nikola Tesla, considered the genius who with his intuitions discovered the 21st century (just think of the modern devices with which we communicate), suffered from the looting of his creations and witnessed helplessly the materialize its technological innovations for commercial or war purposes “. These are the words with which Jerry Cutillo introduces the new Oak album: it is called “Lucid Dreaming And The Specter Of Nikola Tesla” and comes out on the occasion of the birthday of the famous inventor, who was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan. Even today, on July 10, the Nikola Tesla Day proclaimed by the State of New York is celebrated.

Lucid Dreaming And The Specter Of Nikola Tesla” is Oak‘s first album in the aftermath of the trilogy composed of “Viandanze” (2016), “Giordano Bruno” (2018) and “Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree” (2020). After the consensus and appreciation of international critics, the composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist reconfirmed the usual team, namely David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator, Osanna etc.) on saxophones, Jonathan Noyce (Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention, Archive) on bass and Alex Elena (Bruce Dickinson, Lily Allen, Evan Dando, Alice Smith) on drums, ideal for this new concept. As usual, the lyrics and music, as well as the arrangements and keyboard, flute and guitar performances, bear his signature. This time, unlike in the past, he has dueted with renowned vocalists such as Dorie Jackson, Olja Karpova and Laura Piazzai.

According to Jerry Cutillo, the choice to get to know the myth of Nikola Tesla in depth was almost unconscious and he committed him for a long time, almost as if he wanted to close a magic circle marked by protagonists condemned to the stake of indifference for being too far ahead of their time. But it is these solitary monads, Internet users in love with the mystery of a thousand parallel universes that tickle the creativity of an artist like Cutillo and immerse him in an ocean of esoteric resonances. To the call of such an ambitious project, Aereostella could only respond, always sensitive to the most original artistic projects and outside the logic of the market.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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