[News] The Samurai Of Prog to release the collection “Omnibus 2 – The Middle Years” on November 2021

In November the collection “Omnibus 2 – the middle years” by The Samurai of Prog will be released. The boxset includes a bonus track entitled “Killing Hopes” composed by Marco Grieco and, in this version, sung by Elisa Montaldo.

Marco Bernard / Bass
Kimmo Pörsti / Drums and Percussion
Steve Unruh / Violin and Flute
Marco Grieco / Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Choirs
Àkos Bogàti-Bokor / Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Elisa Montaldo / Voice

Marco Grieco says: “First part with the scent of “YES“, as a result of a vocal game that sees Elisa Montaldo excel, whose musical maturity allows her to set aside the reference instrument to cultivate her versatility. A subsequent long “acoustic solo” becomes a prelude to the majesty of an example of Symphonic Prog … how many memories can a sound plot, albeit a new one, evoke! “

Below the official Facebook post from Marco Grieco profile:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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