[News] Thirteen of Everything published update on activities including 2 upcoming gigs

From the band’s official newsletter:

This is just a short note to update everyone on our recent and future activity.

  • 2020After a nearly two-year absence from the stage, we had two great gigs in January 2020, but our return to the spotlight was brief, as soon after we went into hibernation during the pandemic.
  • 2021: In the spring of 2021 we began to have semi-regular sessions to focus on finishing writing & recording tracks for the planned 3rd album. In late 2021 we began to rehearse more regularly planning to release the 3rd album and play a few gigs in the spring of 2022.
  • 2022: Though the 3rd album will take a while longer, we did meet our goal of booking a couple of gigs! 

Two upcoming gigs in Austin, Texas:

  • Saturday, April 16, 2022 at Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse (Facebook Event here) – We open the show with one set at 9pm, followed by two more local prog-rock bands.
  • Thursday, May 5, 2022 at Carousel Lounge (details will soon be announced on our Facebook page and our Website via the Shows link). We will play two sets for an early show 7pm-9pm.

Thirteen of Everything is a modern Symphonic Progressive Rock band based in Austin, Texas, whose 2005 debut album, “Welcome, Humans” received wide acclaim. The long-awaited second album “Our Own Sad Fate” is an evolution of their adventurous music, yet retains their penchant for unpredictable yet seamless arrangements, dramatic mood shifts and strong emotive melodies. This is Progressive Rock that reveals more with each listen.

Musical Style

Thirteen of Everything‘s music is informed largely by the pioneers of Progressive Rock, combined with elements from modern Prog and other genres. A variety of influences are present with emphasis on long pieces with intricate, syncopated arrangements while maintaining a strong focus on melody and thematic development. Though a melancholy ambience is a hallmark, there is also humor. Each song can sound quite different from one to the next with a variety of moods (even within each piece) yet, in a feat not often accomplished, despite this scope, the music still retains an identifiable and unique style that is distinctly Thirteen of Everything.  

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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