[News] Tony Pagliuca publish the official album teaser for the new album “Rosa Mystica”

Antonio “Tony” Pagliuca needs no introduction: a respectable artistic curriculum has accompanied him since 1968, the year in which he permanently enters Le Orme group as keyboard player and in some way conditions the transition from Beat to Progressive, contributing in an essential way to compose and of course perform unforgettable masterpieces such as “Collage,” “Uomo di Pezza,” “Felona and Sorona” and all the albums to follow up to “Orme” in 1990. It is from the same year that Tony begins a solo career that starts from the album “Io chiedo” and arrives
today and presents, as a personal and interior research path, the album “Rosa Mystica,” or the transposition into music, thanks to the collaboration of the late Maestro Vittore Ussardi, of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary . Watch the official album teaser through the YouTube player below:

The traditional rosary is linked to repetition. Tony Pagliuca’s musical rose, on the other hand, evolves incessantly, is born, grows and blossoms, we see it passing through the signs that history with its dramas has left and leaves day by day in the lives of all of us. It carries them on itself, it does not pass over the dark sides of our daily life, but takes it upon itself. And this musical art takes them further, delivering us a very strong and precious message, dragging us towards a light that is hope.” excerpt from the notes of the booklet by Giovanni Sampaolo, full professor of German language and translation at the Roma Tre University. The originality of the music is further represented by the skilful use of vocality that sees protagonists Elisabetta Montino, historical voice of the Progressive group Quanah Parker and
Andrea Saccoman. Complete the list of musicians, as well as Tony Pagliuca on keyboards, Giuseppe Vio (guitars), Alberto Pagliuca (ukulele) and Paolo Vianello (Drums). The CD is presented in an elegant cardboard box, designed and created by OndemediE, with a booklet embellished with works made in pencil by the Roman artist Beatrice Cignitti.
Produced by Tony Pagliuca, made by Vannuccio Zanella for M.P. & Records, the CD is distributed by G.T. Music Distribution of Antonino Destra.

Tracklist (Joyful Mysteries: total time 33’ 33”):
1) L’annunciazione dell’angelo a Maria
2) La visita di Maria a Elisabetta
3) La nascita di Gesù nella grotta di Betlemme
4) La presentazione di Gesù al Tempio
5) Il Ritrovamento di Gesù tra i dottori nel Tempio

Out on November 19, 2021 for M.P. & Records, the CD is distributed by G.T. Music Distribution .

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