[News] Tonzonen Records announces the entry of two new bands in the rooster

Taken from Tonzonen Records official website:

We are happy to welcome two new bands to Tonzonen Records.

Der Neue Planet

The Instrumental Rock band from Cologne released one album each digitally in 2016 and 2018 and will release the upcoming album as LP/CD/Digital via Tonzonen Records distributed by Soulfood Music in 2022.

The second studio album “Area Fifty-Fun” by the instrumental band Der Neue Planet shows: You are dealing with a band that values independence and can only be pigeonholed – their own.

In the four tracks of the album there are always set pieces that are reminiscent of Post, Progressive and Stoner Rock. How these are then interwoven and with surprising excursions into the most diverse sounds and styles are formed into a new, homogeneous whole shows the band’s approach to experimentation. Sometimes it’s heavy and loud, then atmospherically dreamy or suddenly danceable and Jazzy. Parts in which less is more are next to those in which MORE is more.

With their current release, the band shows how they put it all together to form a coherent overall picture.

Pre-order the new album “Area Fifty​-​Fun” on Bandcamp: https://derneueplanet.bandcamp.com/album/area-fifty-fun


After two EPs and line-up changes within the band, the trio have found their Indie Psych sound with vocals and will release a full album on LP/CD/Digital via Tonzonen Records distributed by Soulfood Music in 2022.

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