[News] Trauma Forward published the official music video for “Light On/Yellow Key” from new album

Italian multidisciplinary artistic project Trauma Forward published the official music video for “Light On/Yellow Key” from upcoming second album “Aesthesys” due out on November 17, 2023. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Trauma Forward‘s second album entitled “Aesthesys,” the intermediate step in a musical trilogy started with “Scars,” is based on the questioning of what one can know about the outside world.

The meditative journey that began with the first album shifts to another plane, that of external reality, by means of a Ulissian walk through a mysterious and indifferent city. The protagonist comes up against various elements of the world in which he has lived until that day, but which for the first time he seems to really understand: at the end of his journey, he will be confronted with a disconcerting revelation that will lead to the third chapter.

Aesthesys” is a meeting of several musical styles – such as electronic, progressive, ambient, world music and soundtrack – with art photography, sculpture, fiction and, once again, philosophy.

The work also features countless collaborations with talented artists and musicians such as Ciccio Li Causi, Fabio Zuffanti and Leon Seti, to name but a few.

Pre-Order the album the album here: https://traumaforward.it/aesthesys.php


  1. Neon shrubs
  2. My mind circle
  3. Heat, crisis and pain
  4. Harbor spoor
  5. Light on / Yellow key
  6. Gate in sight
  7. Aesthesys
  8. Rendezvous
  9. Walking to the white path
  10. Thy myth of Malone Washek
  11. Forsaken thought
  12. Honeybunch
  13. A feelingless afternoon

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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