[News] Ūkanose release the single “Sena Patranka” from new album

The Lithuanians Folk Metallers Ūkanose released published the official video for the track “Sena Patranka” taken from their latest EP “…kai griaudėjo miškai…” out on April 13, 2020 on Vilko Promotions. The album is available Digitally on Bandcamp: https://ukanose.bandcamp.com/album/kai-griaud-jo-mi-kai

Watch the video below:

Ūkanose is a Baltic Folk Metal band, greeting from Lithuania. Their music is heavily influenced by both ancient Baltic and more recent Lithuanian history. Combining the Metal sounds with Baltic Folklore gives out a unique sound that Ūkanose can easily be reconized by. 

Formed in 2012 the band has been active since. They have now made an appearance in all of the most important events, festivals of the genre in Baltic region and are looking forward to spread their sound further. 

The name Ūkanoseis a locative noun literaly translating to “In The Mists.” Why the mist? Because it is a place where the souls of our ancestors go to hide from the living. Ancient Lithuanians believed that the dead continue to exist in the shape of mist. 

This unsettling spring the band will be releasing a 4 track EP with songs about… no, not the coronavirus! The mini album will be dedicated to a segment of people very dear to their country’s history – the fighters for freedom so called guerillas or partisans (whichever you want to call them) who struggled for a very long time in a fight against their occupant. 

Since this year Lithuania is celebrating their 30 years of independence, the band considers this EP to be a musical gift and a tribute to their fellow countrymen and all those interested in the post WW2 period of History. The album “…kai griaudėjo miškai…” (tr. “…when the woods thundered…”) is a compilation of four songs in which the lyrics are composed of confessions, memories and poems or their fragments of the partisans who have fought and died for their county’s freedom. 

The band hopes that the stories in their songs will reach as many listeners as possible and appeal to their feelings towards history, culture, traditions, their thirst for freedom and of course love for folk metal! 

Releasing on 13th of April the album will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon and many other music platforms online. A physical copy of an album during this turbulent period of pandemics will be available for purchase directly from the band by messaging them on FB (www.facebook.com/ukanose).  

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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