[News] VAK published a part of the track “Budo” performed live at La Casa di Alex

French Zeuhl act VAK released part of the first track of their album “Budo” performed live at La Casa di Alex in Milan, Italy on September 28, 2020. Below the original Facebook post with the video inside:

Vladimir Mejstelman / Drums
Joël Crouzet / Bass
Alex Michaan / Keyboards
Aurélie Saintecroix / Vocals

Special guest:
Antonio Fedeli
/ Sax (Universal Totem Orchestra)

Video by Antonio and Simone De Sarno, Mattia Sanarico
Audio Mastering by VAK
Editing and sound dubbing by Antonio De Sarno (PROG ITALIA)

Budo” was published on September 7, 2018 via SoleilZeuhl and available Digitally on Bandcamp: https://vak-prog.bandcamp.com/album/budo

VAK |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Spotify|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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