[News] Versa published the new album announcement video for “A Voyage/A Destination”

After a decade-long hiatus the Prog/Post-Rock band Versa published the new album announcement video for “A Voyage/A Destination” out on Auugust 26, 2022. Stream the video through the YouTube player below:

The band says: “After a decade, we’re back! New Versa album “A Voyage / A Destination” coming August 22, 2022. “A Voyage / A Destination Part II” coming late 2022 or early 2023. “A Voyage / A Destination” was recorded over 2021 by Versa and features guest contributions from numerous friends and colleagues from the west coast music scene, as well as special guest performances by Nick D’Virgilio (drums and chromatic percussion on “Voyage”), Jim Grey (Vocals on “Voyage”), Marjana Semkina (Vocals on “Voyage”), Eric Gillette (lead guitar and lead vocals on “Pool of the Naiads”), Lars Frederik Froislie (hammond organ on “Pool of the Naiads”), Jeremy Tardif (piano on “Pool of the Naiads”) and more. The album features two vocal-driven progressive rock epics, “Pool of the Naiads” and “Voyage”, and two post-rock instrumentals, “Sea of Vapours” and “Lantern Season”. We are incredibly proud of it and can’t wait to share it with you!


  1. Pool Of The Naiads
    i. Down the Garden Path
    ii. The Girl in the Pool
    iii. What Have I Become?
    iv. Back to the Sun
  2. Sea Of Vapours
  3. Lantern Season
  4. Voyage
    i. Set Sail
    ii. Into the Storm
    iii. Strange Landfall
    iv. A Prayer to the Sea
    v. Ocean from the Sky


Jesse Bell / Drums
Matthew Dolmage / Flute, Electric Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals, Additional Piano & Bass Guitar
Hollas Longton / Violin, Backing Vocals
Benjamin Rancourt / Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Anthony Theocharis / Bass Guitar
Janelle Wrona / Piano
Stéphanie Boutet / Lead and Backing Vocals
Ryan Cole / Trumpet
Laine Longton / Cello
Nelson Salahub / Trombone
Jeremy Tardif / Piano
Claire Coupland / Backing Vocals
Kayleigh Harrison / Backing Vocals
Julia Keifer / Backing Vocals
Quentin Mitchell / Backing Vocals
Joelle Prevost / Backing Vocals
Lindsay Shann / Backing Vocal

Special Guests:

Nick D’Virgilio – Drums on “Voyage,” Chromatic Percussion on “Voyage” and “Pool of the Naiads
Lars Frederik Frøslie – Hammond Organ on “Pool of the Naiads
Eric Gillette – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar on “Pool of the Naiads
Jim Grey – Lead Vocals on “Voyage”, Backing Vocals on “Pool of the Naiads”
Marjana Semkina – Lead Vocals on “Voyage
Jim Grey appears courtesy of InsideOut Music

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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