[News] Wanikiya Record present the Progressive Rock Opera “Oltre L’Abisso”

Wanikiya Record/Promotion is pleased to present the entry in its roster of a mega project Oltre l’Abisso Prog-Rock Opera full of atmosphere, feeling, great emotions and much more….
We are really excited about this wonderful collaboration! Also because, really there will be wonderful news! Meanwhile, we present this fantastic project and then ……continue to follow us I recommend……
But let’s start slowly, let’s know in the meantime, this wonderful world of “Oltre L’Abisso.”

Oltre l’Abisso” is a Prog Rock work, born from the close cooperation between the composer and pianist Perry Magnani and the soprano expert in Vocology and author/librettist Maestro Elisabetta Tagliati.
The collaboration of the two had already given life to several unpublished songs under the name of “Perry & Betty Lab,” but with the dream experience of Elisabetta, which gave rise to the novel published by PluriversumOltre l’Abisso,” their efforts have focused on painting musically the plot and evoke the arcane atmosphere (in 24 unpublished songs for a 2-hour show).
Once the songs were written, the performers were selected for the roles (in particular Marcello Monti, Rock singing, yoga and meditation teacher in the role of the druid Vessagh, who immediately embraced the project and admirably characterized his character) and then the band was formed (where guitarists Maurizio Melotti and Lorenzo Zagni were supporting the arrangement of the guitar parts of the songs designed for orchestra). For several months direction and musical rehearsals went hand in hand to reach the debut in the Rocca di Montefiorino with the direction of Stefano Luca Messori, on July 20, 2019.
Subsequently, all the songs were also rearranged acoustically for smaller events, in parallel with the recording of the album.
During the works some band and cast members changed and the current composition is: Sofia Mazza, currently enrolled in the Alta Formazione in Canto lirico in Conservatorio, as Soul/Folk vocal interpreter. Maurizio Melotti and Lorenzo Zagni on guitars, Riccardo Bighi on bass (enrolled at AFM in Bologna), Marco Pozzi on drums and Andrea Dondi as sound engineer.
In 2022 a new direction will be set up under the care of Sara Treviglio and the full album will be released.
The Covid has slowed down the work for a new direction by the performer, director, actor, playwright


Oltre l’Abisso” is a dream novel by Elisabetta Tagliati published by Pluriversum Edizioni, which tells a legend with a deep spiritual implication, set in the magical Italian Apennines. Elisabetta and composer Perry Magnani were so inspired by the plot that they created a Rock Opera of the same name, which faithfully follows the first chapter of the novel.

The story is a mystery surrounding a Celtic chieftain named Bethel who unexpectedly receives visions that lead her to discover herself in depth. Her trusted friend Luned is aware of a prophecy in that regard and tries unsuccessfully to dissuade her. Bethel’s journey into the unknown creates profound changes, the first and most disruptive of all being her acquaintance with a druid (Vessagh) whom she will accompany on her journey to enlightenment. This ritual passage takes the form of the two of them throwing themselves off a high rocky spur overlooking a lake, at the end of which they will find themselves unharmed and conceive a child. Although intoxicated by a complex set of feelings, Bethel will decide to return to her tribe and her beloved companion Makena: all this by fulfilling the premonitions received, but also triggering an ambiguous plot.
From here the plot of the novel will become more and more articulated coming to touch the most delicate themes of existence.

The rock opera is in Italian language and played completely live, both in acoustic version (with piano or piano forte and guitar) and electric version (with a full Rock band).
The show is composed of 24 songs for the duration of about 2 hours, also executable in concert form or through excerpts used as interludes of literary presentations.
In 2019, the show debuted in stage form in the Rocca di Montefiorino (MO). In 2022, the album is scheduled to be released and a new direction will be developed by Sara Treviglio.

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