[News] Watch a master at work with Jeff Pennachio’s playthrough of “Interposition”

“Setting The Stage” is the debut solo EP from New York’s Jeff Pennachio (guitarist for Design The Void), containing three instrumental tracks that are composed in the style of fantastical soundtracks, creating an intricate picture that listeners can experience now.

To indulge fans further, Pennachio has recorded a playthrough video of the single “Interposition”. In it, viewers can learn how to play the parts of the song, or simply enjoy watching a talented musician in his element.

Pennachio pays great attention to his individual compositions, weaving cinematic riffs together with layers of orchestral pieces, which finalize in an elaborate symphony suited for a feature film. Thematic presentations along with a good amount of individual moving parts are an aspect of music that Pennachio holds in high regard and wants to continue pursuing.

He delves into that thought in more detail: .“This EP is an important release to me as it has really allowed me to show all fans the cinematic approach I have been looking to take towards music. While being in a metal group full time, I have a specific composition structure that I use to approach all new songs. Should this EP be a successful release, it will certainly bring clarity to wanting to compose more of this type of music for all listeners.”

The playthrough for “Interposition” can be watched on YouTube Player below:


01. Wilson Theater5:29
03.The Voyager4:27

“Setting The Stage” EP Pre-Save links here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jeffpennachio/setting-the-stage

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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