[News] Weedian released the new compilation “Trip To Brazil” available on Bandcamp

What we can expect about a Stoner Doom “Trip to Brazil”? We believe that the answer is somehow close to the cultural diversity of this huge country, historically the Brazilian Hard Rock scene started with the Psychedelia of the 70s, but it really came as an underground scene with Metal, with the growth of bands like Sepultura and Ratos de Porão, they paved the way for a huge and very lively Underground scene all over the Country, and this path is where Stoner Doom in Brazil is walking, the interplay between styles slowly is taking place, and the growing scene has been gaining ground, creating niches and tentacles… It is particularly interesting how the journalist Luiz Mazetto from Loud! Magazine, referred to the scene in Brazil as Tropical Storm, and when we put Necro with its Stoner Rock that drinks heavily on 70s Psychedelic sources from Mutantes and Mythological Cold Towers with its Epic Doom in the same scene, and could be at the same festival it is indeed a storm!

But despite that we have some “old bands” like The Cross who came in 1990 at Northeast region of the Country and Serpent Rise 3 years after that at the South region in more than 45 hours by car trip and 3.192km of distance the scene is new, and that shows the challenges of the Underground scene, and the things really start to happen almost 15 years late with Stoner popularity. So, slowly some bands were breaking the bubble and playing at festivals, with all kinds of bands and different styles, Jupterian spent a good season in Europe after having his album Terraforming (2017) elected as the best Doom Metal album of that year by CVLT Nation, bands like Hellbenders and Black Drawing Chalks have been featured in major festivals for quite some time, and bands like Pesta and the already consolidated Labirinto are heading down this same path and consistently appearing on lists all over the world. At the same time a good amount of bands are opening paths and theirs records are being released by European and North American labels like Son of a Witch, WeeDevil, Pesta, The Evil, Labirinto, Desert Druid and the list goes on, and that shows that we are exporting quality at a great level.

It’s hard to make a list and leave names like Abske Fields, Erasy, Hammerhead Blues out of it, the scene is big and as more bands are emerging, the staff around the scene appers, like the label Abraxas with its great and excellent catalog of bands and the young Bruxa Verde helping to promote the style and also opening up alternatives in the “traditional” media, what we can see here is that Stoner Doom in Brazil is still a new page, but with personality and strength to walk the patch of some monsters of the style. Words by Marcos Resende (Pesta)

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1. Spiral Guru – Holy Mountain 03:53
2. Son of A Witch – Thrones In The Sky 10:23
3. Saturndust – Hyperion 08:22
4. Pesta – Witches’ Sabbath 08:15
5. Void Tripper – Bastard Smoker 07:58
6. Fuzz Sagrado – A New Dimension 07:08
7. Slowner – Any Street 06:44
8. Pantanum – Electric High 05:10
9. The Evil – About None Guilty 06:35
10. Gods & Punks – Infinite Hourglass 07:01
11. Mandibulla – Damn Demons of Despair 06:37
12. Mad Chicken – Devil Within 03:51
13. Desert Druid and the Acid Caravan – The VVitch 03:28
14. Dirty Grave – In This Night 08:07
15. Lâmmia – Acid Trip 08:14
16. Chant of the Goddess – Cantico della Dea 08:03
17. Fuzzly – Chains 03:49
18. Elephantus – A Espinha Dorsal da Noite 07:50
19. Galactic Gulag – Escape from Planet Gulag 11:35
20. Mábura – Bong of God 05:03
21. Psilocibina – 2069 07:28
22. Weedevil – Underwater 06:21
23. Riffcoven – Dope Riders 06:35
24. Los Suffers – Stoner Mass 09:03
25. Melissa – Perfect Soulmate 08:02
26. Casquetaria – Van’s Ride 05:52
27. Erasy – Some Nice Flowers 03:42
28. Reptilian Sun – Empress of Dawn 05:19
29. Isso – Sdds Pazuzu 04:34
30. Niles – Know Thyself 03:29
31. Fusage – Dinosaur Skin 03:32
32. Cosmic Rover – Catch Me 04:09
33. Isolation Dawn – Isolation Dawn 07:05
34. Red Mess – Trapped In My Mind 07:14
35. Giant Jellyfish – Marvelous City 06:38
36. Black Lines – The True South American Badass Rock ‘n Roll 04:26
37. Pathos – Rapture 09:50
38. Dom Lodo – Lust Vampire 08:49
39. Wizened Tree – Princess of the Desert 07:23
40. Ruínas de Sade – Divindade Abissal 09:11
41. Blind Horse – Rock n Roll Me 04:47
42. White Canyon 5th Dimension – Seven Kingdom 04:26
43. Dead Level – God of Gloom 06:51
44. Wolftrucker – Let Them Burn 04:45
45. Peixes Voadores – High On The Road 05:51
46. Weedthrone – Here Comes the Wizard 04:04
47. Acidemia – Consciência 09:22
48. Dumblegore – Dumblegore’s Eyes 05:45
49. Hammerhead Blues – Vultures 04:28
50. Holy Lust – Here Comes The Moon 04:00
51. Black Feather Klan – No Time 04:48

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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