[News] Wild Wild Wets published the animated video for the track “The Seer” from upcoming album

San Diego’s Wild Wild Wets continue to roll out singles off their upcoming new album “Love Always.”

The latest, “The Seer,” is accompanied by a fully-animated music video created by Michael Turi, frontman and co-founder of Wild Wild Wets. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The track itself features backup vocals by Shelbi Bennett (The Midnight Pine and The Havnauts), and while the single version was cut to a stoney 4:20 minutes, the album version is 8 minutes long and includes nearly 4 minutes of added takeoff time that echoes Stereolab‘s “Krautrock” sensibility with Turi & his bandmate and co-frontman Taejon Romanik sharing in the masterful quilting of noise and melody.

Turi explains: “I championed this track to be recorded and it eventually grew to become one of our favorite tracks on the new album, “Love Always”. The song was written about a mixture between the writing process, a love for that along with the mantra that comes with completing your art, but also acts as a mantra for living, in general. I am and have always been obsessed with cartoons and it’s been a long-time dream to animate something of my own. Cosmically, I was able to use the last year of off-and-on pandemic scares to finally sink my teeth into the process. So many late nights of delirium spike this colorful dose of weirdness. I learned a lot during this creation process and once I’m over enjoying the time away from animating this I look forward to finishing my next project.

Romanik adds: “The Seer is an ethereal and cathartic pop song about writing pop songs. A story of the creative process and seeing things through to the end. Harmony vocals were performed by Shelbi Bennett of the Midnight Pine and The Havnauts. The Seer is the 3rd single from our 3rd LP ‘Love Always.’ It may be the catchiest song we have ever written.

Pre-order (Vinyl): https://wildwildwets.bandcamp.com
Pre-save (Digital): https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wildwildwets/love-always
Pressed on 180 gram “Heart String Pink” vinyl. As well as a limited edition of hand-numbered 180 gram Iridescent “Starberry Jelly” vinyl.


1. Always Guilty
2. Holding 03:59
3. Say So 04:28
4. The Cut
5. Carnivale´ (del lupo)
6. Love In The Lost + Found
7. Oh, Vivian
8. The Seer 08:03
9. Last Ditch

The band will be performing songs off the album at San Diego’s Casbah on May 21, 2022 where they will be accompanied by a dazzling light show by @strangerliquids. Get tickets here: https://seetickets.us/sandiegofreakoutcasbah

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 4.11.15 PM

Recorded at Singing Serpent Studios, in San Diego, CA by Grammy– nominated engineer Matt Van Allen (Anoushka Shankar) with Emmy award-winning video director JeanCarlo Mendez, and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana – ‘Nevermind’), “Love Always” marks the band’s first full-length release in 4 years.

Fronted by Mike Turi + Taejon Romanik, WWWets has been an underground Southern California staple for 10 years. Best known for delivering a Dark and Dancy Psych party with their live performances, the band has earned a loyal following via rapturous performances at local clubs and festival stages.

Their first album in 2015, “14th Floor,” was pressed on vinyl from a label out of Bordeaux, France. Dubbed as “the french press LP,” it showcased their diverse sound and earned them a San Diego Music Award for ‘Best Album.’

Their second album, 2018’s “PRISOM,” was a darker collection of songs that pushed more of a story and featured guitarist Romanik more in the foreground, giving the album a deeper, grungier, more velvety atmosphere.

Since then, the band has released one 7″ record and 3 digital singles. one of which (2019’s “The Fix”) features Jason Crane of Rocket From The Crypt on trumpet and congas.

While the world had paused at the beginning of 2020, the members off Wild Wild Wets have been taking their time with finishing their 3rd full-length album, “Love Always.” This time they went out of their comfort zone to make this record, telling stories of light and dark, love and loss; collaborating with some of the best recording, mixing, and mastering engineers in the genre.

They are gearing up to have a great summer starting off with a blowout release party on May 21, 2022 at the legendary Casbah in San Diego, where they’ll be hosting one of their epic San Diego Freak Out mini-fests that they’ve been throwing since 2013.

Turi states: “We cannot wait to get lost in the liquid lights with our wild-wildlings.

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