[News] Yawning Man to reissue “Live At Maximum Festival” in a Deluxe Edition

Yawning Man‘s “Live At Maximum Festival” returns in a Deluxe Edition. The graphics of this new 2021 reissue have been completely recreated by the well-known eeviac. For those who missed out the first edition, this is the live recording of the Italian concert at the Maximum Festival 2013. On that occasion, the formation on stage is the original one, with Mario Lalli on bass, Gary Arce on guitar and Alfredo Hernandez (former Kyuss, QOTSA) on drums. The power trio creates a varied and layered sound that makes the nerve endings vibrate. The group’s Desert Rock groove seems to slide like on rails despite its grandeur. Hypnotic sounds, evocative atmospheres and emphatic rhythms that have strongly inspired musicians and listeners from all over the world.

LABEL: Go Down Records

RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2021

FORMAT: coloured LP | LP | CD | Digital

YAWNING MAN - Live At Maximum Festival | clear LP

Gatefold 180 gram clear vinyl LP: https://www.godownrecords.com/product-page/yawning-man-live-reissue-LPy

YAWNING MAN - Live At Maximum Festival | blue LP

Gatefold 180 gram blue vinyl LP: https://www.godownrecords.com/product-page/yawning-man-live-reissue-LPx

1. Rock Formations
2. Far Off Adventure
3. Stoney Lonesome
4. Perpetual Oyster

1. Manolete
2. Ground Swell
3. Dark Meet


Gary Arce / Guitar
Alfredo Hernandez / Drums
Mario Lalli / Bass

Recorded by Alessandro Piovesan and Alex Comin at Maximum Festival 2013.
Mix and mastering by Matteo Benezzi and Daniel Grego at Mal De Testa Recording Studio.

Artwork by eeviac.

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Go Down Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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